Dear friends of Tribunj, dear friends of culture in tourism,

Papandopulijana Tribunj is a festival of music and theatre, dance and film programmes presented by the Municipality of Tribunj to promote cultural tourism using the name of the prominent Croatian composer and conductor, maestro Boris Papandopulo.

This Croatian academician, an artist of an immense musical talent recognized across Europe, worked in Tribunj during the last period of his life, from 1974 to 1991. The aim of Papandopulijana Tribunj is to unite music, dance, theatre and film art - to touch with its programme the versatility of the work of "Croatian Mozart", as Papandopulo was called out of love.

The diversity of programme, a wide range of musical themes, and a reference to scene movement, film and folk singing in maestro's opus are a basis and a guarantee of future visits to the festival events for numerous tourists and domicile population of Tribunj, a region of Central Dalmatia and Republic of Croatia as a whole. We invite you to join us and participate in Papandopulijana at the beginning of August. We are waiting for you with our door wide open!

The musical opus of Boris Papandopulo includes 458 works of symphonic, opera, ballet, dance and theatre, chorus and chamber repertoire, as well as music for theatre plays, films and compositions of folk character...(more...)